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Any experience with CANDEX?


All shall be well . . .
Santa Rosa, CA

I just finished a bottle of Candex. I took it along with Diflucan. I can't say that Candex has made any difference. I just looked at my now empty bottle and see that it says to take 2 at bedtime and 2 one hour before breakfast. For some reason I took 2 at night and only 1 in the morning. It's been about 2 weeks. I've taken other anti-fungals that felt like they were working. Now I notice that the bottle says:
Studies show that the natural enzymes in Candex dissolve these cell walls. Candex works gently, causing no "die off" reaction, and has no adverse impact on healthy probiotics.

Maybe because I've felt no die-off, which I usually do with anti-fungals, I haven't thought it was working.

I'm also reading that it says to continue to take 1 at night for maintenance.

So . . . wish I could help you Sara. I'm off to do my weekly shopping right now and may or may not buy more Candex.


Senior Member
I took Candex on two occasions, for a month each time, exactly as directed. The only effect was pain in my stomach, despite all the water that must be drunk with the product. It requires an 8 ounce glass of water with each dose, even at bedtime, so prepare to get up and pee two hours later!

I must take prescription digestive enzymes for pancreatic failure, and one thing the package insert says is never to take them without food because they can hurt your stomach. I think they try to eat your gut if there is no food for them to digest.

Candex must be taken on an empty stomach to work. It may not bother you like it did me; I have a precancer in my stomach as well as bile reflux gastritis, so my tummy is very sensitive.

I have tried every natural yeast treatment at one time or another and the only one that helped was Pleo Alb, and that only worked because I had trouble making the dropper work and mistakenly took ten times the normal dose! If you want to try it, it's homeopathic, and even 10 times the prescribed dose did not hurt me.

Liquid Diflucan for a month fixed me up to where I passed the yeast spit test for the first time in 24 years, but I found I must take one Diflucan tablet twice weekly to maintain it. I also put Ketaconazole cream under my breasts once a day, otherwise I get yeast under there the first time I do anything that causes me to sweat.