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Any Canadians Successfully Approved for ODSP and Disability Tax Credit?


Senior Member
Ontario, Canada
I was wondering if any fellow Canadians here have successfully been approved for ODSP or Disability Tax Credit? For the DTC, I heard you might denied if you don't have certain "keywords" on the form? Not sure if it is true or not.

I've got documentation for Fibromyalgia, ADHD and Bipolar diagnosis, but I am wondering if that is enough. I have anxiety issues and getting denied (after having insurance companies successfully screw me over) might send me into deep depression again.


Senior Member
I have a lot of experience with both insurance and the DTC and CPP. I dont have any experience with ODSP.
My insurance company tried to screw me over but I eventually won. They really do try to take advantage of those that are weakened.
I can give you some names that might help if you PM me.


Senior Member
hello. I got ODSP on my first try. At the time, I also had diagnoses of CFS and bipolar. I wrote a huge letter with my story and symptoms.

I think I got the disability tax credit once years ago because I had a psychiatrist at that time, who filled out the forms and really laid it on thick. Never was able to get that again...if my memory serves, which it often does not!