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Another Methylation pathway presentation


Senior Member
Hi, all.

I think Dr. Ben does a very nice job on methylation in this video. He has clearly done his homework!

Best regards,



Senior Member
I finally got a chance to watch the video. It has a lot of great information.

In the treatment section towards the end, he covers what protocol he uses for each MTHFR defect, what order to start supplements, be sure to ramp up slowly, and how to neutralize a bad reaction. I found this information especially valuable.

I think I will be watching this several times and taking notes.

His website, MTHFR.net, is also worth checking out.


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Central Illinois, USA
I think have watched it eight times now. I'm glad people are finding it helpful and thanks RichV for the reco, that validation means alot when we are swimming in a ocean of information.


Daughters High School Graduation
Upstate SC, USA
Thanks for this link to this great resource of information. He has the right attitude towards the whole process. It's different for everyone and he is not afraid to say he was wrong and needed to backup and start over again. I like his very slow approach and the fact that you need to get some other things in order before starting this. I'll probably look at this several more times as well.