Another Equilibrant Thread

Hi all!
Hoping to get some thoughts from people who've tried Equilibrant before. I started about two weeks ago... had a couple days with the low fever feeling and an initial symptom flare. Things have been pretty chill since except that my energy envelope is much smaller. I can hardly do any movement without PEM, but my head is clearer in the moments that I don't have PEM... it's hard to tell whether that's a good sign or a bad one. I've been on one tablet and am trying to decide whether it's time to increase the dose since nothing seems to be changing... and the PEM thing does not seem to be getting any better. Is this on par with people's experiences?


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It was very many years ago, but I remember that it kind of, sorta, seemed to work at first, but then it just seemed to produce vague inflammatory symptoms. My skin suddenly became sensitive to my normal moisturizer, which stopped when I stopped the equilibrant...