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Another child tortured by the NHS


Senior Member

A mother has said an NHS hospital failed to offer her daughter adequate pain relief in a pattern of poor treatment that left the teenager suicidal.

I have just never, ever known anything so dismissive

McKee claimed that despite being unable to pinpoint the cause of Ella’s symptoms, doctors had refused to accept input from outside experts in ME and related conditions that she had put forward to them.

I say it everytime this happens but until the people responsible are fired for the torture of patients nothing will change. If you keep the doctors who despite the guidance change, who are in open revolt against the new guidance, then its just going to continue and patients will be harmed as many 10s of thousands already have been. This needs to end, its not enough to change the guidance it needs to be enforced and we as patients need ways to inform which physcians. There is no choice they have treated a child negligently intentionally and must be dismissed.