And the worm keeps turning, 'Return of the Worms', The Scientist, investigation into the use of helminths for multiple illnesses

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Several members have posted results from their personal experiments with helminths (a fancy word for worms, ewwww) in treating their ME/CFS.

And scientists seem to have caught up to their interest and curiosity, as medical researchers continue to investigate the benefits of helminth uses in controlling, or even curing, some of the 1st worlds endemic illnesses, from asthma to diabetes and on to autoimmune diseases ….

So swallow hard, remember that answers can come from weird and interesting places, and read on .....

Return of the Worms, DEC 2021

"Immunologists and parasitologists are working to revive the idea
that helminths, and more specifically the molecules they secrete,
could help treat allergies and autoimmune disease."