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Toronto, Canada
Scott, I was thinking about this for some days. I can't come to grips with it.

What kind of pastry was it exactly? How many did you eat? Just one? Do you eat carbohydrates regularly, or do you do some lowcarb or whatever diet?

Can you describe the muscle cramps more exactly? Were it cramps, or tightening, or spasms, or sth like in Paramyotonia or...? Can you describe the vibrating more? Was it like when you do resistance training and reached a point shortly before exhaustion where the muscles start to tremble or...?

Is your breathing in any other way affected than increased pulse? Do your lungs feel tight, or normal?

Were you training before eating? - Ah, you were traveling, i.e. exertion.

I may be biased right now (because I read about that stuff), but I'm wondering if electrolytes may play a role here. I've recently learnt that insuline changes potassium levels from extra- to intracellular. Maybe you have lowish potassium levels, and after traveling they were a bit lower, and after eating carbohydrates it got even lower, causing your symptoms? (Or higher?) Just thinking...I don't know.
It has been different pastries each time, and from different stores, but I avoid graham crusts and tarts. I am low carb Monday to Friday, with more carbs on the weekend.

The other time my muscles sort of felt that way was after I had passed out on a plane, but it wasn't until after landing and then passing out again, and then once in the ambulance my muscles went numb, prickly and then they went trembly / vibrating, so yes Inara, it was like maxing out on weight lifting.

It was a struggle to get enough air, my 'breathing' muscles were also tightening / cramps.

I was sitting at my computer, had not been doing any exertion, when it hit.

Our bodies are weird.