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An ME Patient Writes a Touching Tribute to Cort Johnson on ProHealth - his loneliness with ME/CFS banished after coming across an article of Cort's


Senior Member
This ProHealth article popped up on my google alert for "chronic fatigue syndrome" -- a wonderful tribute, by ME/CFS patient Michael Cuthbert, to a wonderful person.

Newer Phoenix Rising members may be unaware of the history of its founder, Cort Johnson, and the website dating back to 2004. More than a decade ago, Michael Cuthbert wrote that he did a Google search which produced something written by Cort and this opened up so many things -- including a final acceptance of the ME/CFS diagnosis and the banishment of loneliness. The article of his that Michael Cuthbert came across more than a decade ago more than likely originated on Phoenix Rising.

Cort now runs Health Rising. He has contributed massively to the ME/CFS community and to the field itself for 16 years and it's lovely of Michael to have written this tribute. Thanks, Michael! Many of us (me included) have been similarly enlightened and feel a much-needed connection from his articles and website resources.