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Am I the only one who hopes that XMRV is not the cause of CFS/ME

South Florida
Trying to figure out what you want the cause of CFS to be is like having dinner with Khartman from South Park, Osama bin Laden and Larry Craig.... the discussion won't disappoint but the outcome is never going to be good (especially for Larry Craig with that threesome)

I don't think it matters one way or another whether we have XMRV or something else.... the most important question is what. Once that question is answered, I'm fine with whatever the implications are. Solutions, protocols and treatments will all come from defining the what is CFS. And my personal belief is that the what is going to fit for many of us.... while there are certainly different subsets to this disorder, the hallmarks for the majority of us are low NK cells, immune dysfunction, elevated cytokines, low blood volume/orthostatic hypotention, and hormonal and sleep dysfunction.