Aluminum poisoning

update on Deferoxamine mesylate treatment for aluminum poisoning. At one point my chemical sensitivities were gone and I could still smell everything else, yet during the treatment my bones hurt and I would still have the effect from various chemicals despite not being able to smell them. I did more reading and found out it can remove zinc, 1 day after supplementing with zinc my chemical sensitivities came back and I decided to stop the experiment with this chelator. I think I do not have aluminum poisoning. Right now I am taking prussian blue for cesium and thallium poisoning which I know I have since it showed up on my tests and I was conceived after chernobyl and not far away from there, spent about 2 years in that area. It will take a month to finish the prussian blue treatment, then I will move onto other experiments.

As an aside: As far as zinc goes, I suspect that zinc gets used up during the process of fighting sars-cov-2 (I didn't have symptoms at the time of this experiment and suspect I didn't have it either during this experiment) which leads to losing the sense of smell, but the process of getting more into various cells is slow compared how fast the virus moves and thus the effect can stay. Another reason why gumweed leaf and zinc that did help me when I did get covid19 is so interesting since zinc and selenium have been known by naturopaths to work synergistically.