Alternative to a genetic cause for ME


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I thought this was an interesting discovery. The amount of VitD in a mother's body can affect how neurons develop, which can lead to problems later in life, such as schizophrenia. Maybe similar (hard to notice if you're not looking for it) changes in brain cells leads to susceptibility to develop ME. Maybe our glial cells have little bumps or folds, or longer or shorter fibrils, or whatever differences, which results in ME. Another path for researchers to explore.

"“What we found was the altered differentiation process in the presence of vitamin D not only makes the cells grow differently but recruits machinery to release dopamine differently,” said Darryl Eyles, corresponding author of the study.

The "machinery" are neurites, projections that grow out from the cell body of a neuron. Neurites are required to send and receive signals to and from other parts of the nervous system. The researchers found that the number of neurites was markedly increased, and within those neurites, the distribution of the proteins responsible for releasing dopamine was altered."