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Alternative Health Care Practitioners are not keeping up with Latest Research


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Concord, NH

The assumption is that any professional running a clinic in their own particular field will be aware of any relevant research carried out.

Furthermore when the information is out there these experts in alternative medicine can understand any implications that are involved for their patients.

In the area of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), two large clinical trials, funded by the United States government have taken place in recent years.

However a survey has recently shown that, alarmingly assumptions should not be made and that often significant findings resulting from detailed studies remain unknown or are not fully comprehended.

This means that over two billion dollars worth of research which has been instigated by the American National Institute of Health has potentially been wasted, with forty percent of a large number of different therapists, including naturopaths and rheumatologists not knowing of their existence.

Of the over fifteen hundred clinicians interviewed for the Archives of Internal Medicine publication many were unable to understand what they had read anyway.

In fact very few of these, amongst others, internists and acupuncturists, felt truly confident enough in their ability to study the data and interpret the final conclusions.

Often the ability to translate research findings into practical matters was based purely on the background of the professional in question.

In other words if they had previous experience of research material etc in a more academic environment, usually specialists like rheumatologists, had a greater understanding of its relevancy.

It is vital that this gap in research data and its use in medicine, be it traditional or modern, be sorted out, maybe the NIH need to divert some few dollars towards an awareness campaign for the medical fraternity.


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Central Ohio

Totally unlikely. In conventional, or standard practice, it takes 7 years for new research to be taught in med schools, and up to 30 years before practicing docs start to use it (or so I've read.)

As long as CEU's are granted by seminars funded by the drug companies, we will not have much progress. We all need to nominate some of the researchers who are on top of ME-CFS research for the CSFAC, which is taking nominations now. See this link: http:/www.cfids.org/advocacy/cfsac-nomination09.pdf

I want to nominate Rich Van Konynenberg if he is willing. Any other suggestions?



Phoenix Rising Founder
I'm not surprised; there are ME/CFS practitioners who are not aware of the latest ME/CFS research. I just talked to one; I mentioned a rather significant study by a researcher and he said 'Who'? They may be too busy or not otherwise interested...I don't know. Of course the Dr. Cheney's and Peterson's are all over that stuff but the others (??????).


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Melbourne, Australia
Apologies to the thread & ggingues.

Cort, did you get my message "that I can't seem to post my 2 new Blogs on Aromatherapy & The Paleo diet?

It keeps telling me that the Blogs are too large.

The Paleo Diet one is definitely not too large (maybe the other Aroma... is, though).