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Alternate ATP theory

Here is an alternate theory on ATP I am not necessarily advocating, but am interested in discussing.

I recently came across this link: http://www.cancertutor.com/graviola/
….about the use of graviola and paw paw to treat cancer. They work by slowing down ATP production, I quote:

"Paw Paw gravitates towards cells that use a lot of energy and then cuts off their energy supply. Since cancer cells use 10-17 times as much energy as a normal cell, Paw Paw acts on cancer cells."

Therefore, by slowing down ATP production, the cancer cells no longer have an energy supply, and die.

Now I know that we don't have cancer, but if we did have bad cells in our body that were using all our energy, this might explain why we appear to have low ATP. Perhaps we don't actually have low ATP, perhaps our bodies are producing perfect amounts of ATP, but it is not being used in beneficial ways. If you can eliminate the bad cells, then you are left with more energy for the good cells.

It is a theory I am interested in discussing. Anyone have any thoughts?
Anyone have experience with paw paw or graviola?