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AllTrials campaign supported by United Nations


Senior Member
Dear AllTrials supporters

Here’s some big news from AllTrials: the United Nations yesterday called on governments worldwide to pass legislation requiring clinical trials to be registered, and their methods and results to be fully reported. Read what the UN said here.

This is massive – in effect, the world’s largest intergovernmental organisation has just endorsed the aims of the AllTrials campaign. And it’s about time, after 4 years of tens of thousands of people and 700 organisations calling for this, that the UN has joined the call. It’s fantastic news for patients and doctors worldwide. Thank you so much for helping to make this happen through your support.

But the UN report’s words, while great and coming from the top level of government discussion, are only words. We need to see action. Over the coming days and weeks, we’ll be gearing up the global AllTrials campaign to ensure policy makers know we all want them to act. I was just in Madrid recording a TEDx talk about AllTrials and meeting the people and organisations who want to take it on there. I’m looking forward to sharing the video of my talk when I have it.

Please, if you can, share this Tweet and post this video on Facebook so that decision makers worldwide can see that this issue matters to you and you expect them to act.

Best wishes


Síle Lane

Director of campaigns and policy

Sense about Science

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United Kingdom