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Alliance for Natural Health on HPV vaccine damage, including POTS


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Cornwall, UK
I see there are already several threads on HPV vaccine and POTS, but there may be some new info here.

I always read ANH pieces with a healthy scepticism, as I am not convinced by everything they say, and they are sometimes inaccurate, but they often contain interesting and useful info backed up by research (a bit like Wikipedia!).

The article, with lots of links and references, is here.


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Interesting links, thanks!

Here is the google translation of the Danish article they link to, dated 26 October 2015:


The European pharmaceutical giant Sanofi Pasteur MSD behind HPV vaccine Gardasil have understated the extent of the serious disorder POTS, which is suspected to be a side effect of the vaccine.

It documents a number of newly released letters exchanged between the Board of Health in Denmark and Sanofi Pasteur MSD, which Radio24syv has been given access.