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allergies vs mast cell problems


Senior Member
I've tested negative to allergies and positive to MCAS.. my mast cell problems become WAY worse during allergy season, and my doc hypothesized that ANY particulate matter triggers a response... ie, it's not the pollen antigen that stimulate histamine release, it's the fact that there are billions of tiny particles in the air that are stimulating histamine release (and other mast cell chemicals, like leukotrienes..) I react horribly to other particles (namely pollution, but anything that's dry and flies through the air)..

My questions:

1) What is the mechanism of action for the release of mast cell chemicals (degranulation) if IgE antigens & antigen receptors are not in play?

2) I don't know much about arachidonic acid, but I know that it's linked to lipid metabolism and Maureen Hanson is working on lipid metabolism as it relates to CFS... Does anyone know if she is interested in Mast Cell disease?

Here's the diagram that I'm looking at for reference: