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ALA flared virus big-time


Senior Member
I'm not sure what viruses I'm dealing with (slight pos. for HHV6, EBV, CMV), but I have symptom improvement with both doxycycline and acyclovir/valtrex. I was stable on these meds, and attempted "chelation" with alpha lipoic acid for 7 days.

During that time, I felt a sore throat that usually comes and goes. Once I stopped the ALA, I had a severe neurological crash which included sound/light sensitivity, right side weakness and tingling (face, arm, leg), and severe fatigue. The sore throat completely vanished at the same time.

These symptoms point to viral activation in my opinion which overwhelmed my immune system.

This was back in May, and I am still not doing as well as I had been prior to using ALA. I know that ALA is not only a mercury chelator but also may have antiretroviral properties. I'm currently increasing my dose of acyclovir to try to recover.

Be careful with ALA if you're an antiviral responder like me.


Senior Member
West Coast USA
I joined the Cutler groups on Yahoo to learn more about that ALA approach. What I'm reading is that you need to slowly work up to a dose of ALA, number of days on vs. off, etc. ... and some folks don't even start with ALA (sensatives I think start with DMPS?) so you might look into that if you try again.