Air Hunger

Two questions . . .

1) Has anyone tried an Inogen oxygen concentrator?

2) Has anyone tried Dexterity Health’s Liquid Oxygen drops?

I tried these drops for a few days, but within 20 minutes or so I felt light-headed, even up to just plain sick (not nauseated). And I was doing 2/3 drops in water vice the recommended dosage of 10 drops.

Pure speculation on my part – my blood oxygen levels have always been great, and I pass every cardio and pulmonary test with flying colors; therefore, my heart, lungs and blood are all doing their part, delivering O2, but it’s within the cells where the problem lies. So I’m guessing the Liquid Oxygen effectively gave me ‘chemical hyperventilation’.

Don’t think I want to try the Inogen.

Anyone have any ideas?
@lenora I have not had COVID, and yes, I've discussed this with multiple doctors. I even spent 2 weeks at the Mayo Clinic in 2019 - not to worry, I'm just 'deconditioned'!
An old man with difficulty catching his breath . . . well, obviously let's check for COPD, lung function, and, of course, his heart! All those are great. (which is a GOOD thing, I'm not complaining ;)
Since nothing else explains my symptoms, my Doc has officially put my diagnosis down as ME. But finding a name is hardly finding a cure, so I keep hunting . . . thus my original question. And no better group to ask than the good folks here!


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So the inogen concentrators that I was familiar with before were strictly portable pulse concentrators. I see they now have a continuous home unit as well.

If you were talking about the first kind, my Mom's portable unit was a Sequel Eclipse 5* concentrator. It did both continuous and pulse. The pulse uses less battery power so nicer for going out someplace but the pulse feature was also more annoying to her even though we found a setting on the machine where we could adjust it.

I've also used the unit since she passed. Yep, pulse is annoying. It's like you know your own breath is signalling the machine to pulse the air at you but it's still feels unexpected somehow; disconcerting and frankly exhausting. Continuous feels better, at least in our case.

She also had a home unit on rental through her insurance and that was a continuous flow unit.

Continuous air concentrators are loud with home units being loudest. One brand seemed more so than the others. It was also the brand that had to be sent for repairs most.

We found the best home unit was a blue Philips Respironics EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator. It was the quietest (though still rather loud) and lasted the longest. Plus, it didn't need filter changes.

I see those for resale on Craigslist all the time in my area usually at a fairly reasonable cost. You might want to look for one if you're wanting to try this without hopefully too much expense.

And yeah, when I have air hunger and am not too tired to go use it, it does seem to help if I use it for just a short time. It just seems like lately, everything (even the helpful things) take too much energy to put into action sometimes.

And to cover someone else's question, I am primarily a nose breather except occasionally when I do have the air hunger and then I seem to open my mouth once in a while too.

Edit: I also remember that some places let you rent the portables for a week at a time, for people going on vacation (or trialing a unit for air hunger?).

It still might cost about the same as purchasing a used home unit off of Craigslist though. IIRC it was around $200-250 per week to rent those portables. Times and prices may have changed.

*She did have the Eclipse 3 but those have lots of mechanical issues so stay away from those.

Edit #2: I also have a tip on cannulas if you are sensitive to the PVC ones.
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Yes, @Judee is very, very helpful and will share good information with others.

How are you doing, Judee? It doesn't sound like you're beginning the winter in good form, and I'm sorry. I gather you haven't been able to get out at that right?

I know it will be going on two years since your mother's passing. I do think of you and pray for you. I'm sure that others do also. Yours, Lenora