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After ivig getting worse

I felt worse after ivig for small fiber neuropathy at a dose of 0.5mg/ kg for 5 days.
although it has been a week I feel more tired weak . my walking is unbalanced, get tired easily with breathless with heart palpitations and I get heart issues like arrhythmia my heart racing out of nowhere.
my sinuses are like clogged.
are these side effects are temporary? any other fellow gad the similar side effects or long time worsening of their condition?

and finally my experiment is over I did not get any benefits from it for sfn.
I was much more better before walking up to 15 minutes at a time final 4k steps a day. now I do not want to go outside of my bed
thank you.
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I am sorry to hear this, wolves2626. I have heard of other patients worsening after IVIG.

There is also a published case report from Italy:
Paradoxical response to intravenous immunoglobulin in a case of Parvovirus B19-associated chronic fatigue syndrome

I hope it is temporary and that you improve.
thanks cfs since 1998. I hope it is temporary. my small fiber neuropathy is idiopathic nothing they could ever find only a slight crp and wbc increase in time to time. all panels were negative including lyme and antibodies like ana etc. tried everything else gabapentin steroids and so on no success only managing a bit of burning not pain and weakness.
I was diagnosed with a skin biopsy showing too low fiber density.
I will update my situation in a while.
I want to update my situation. most of the side effects of the ivig resolved finally. however, My condition is the same and I have not benefited from it in terms of mobility, pain and burning issues. actually I could not understand if it worked. feeling confused something in my back might be an issue possible tarlov cysts denied and sfn is the result of it. it might be secondary.
considering same symptoms in arms, mris were clear nothing found.
still I can walk up to 3-4k on a good day with lots of pain and burning. I continue taking gabapentin and nsaids.