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adenosine vs. adenosine triphosphate


Senior Member
Southern California
Hi Everyone,
I am trying to find some natural supplement that can help my rapid heart beat.
I initially noticed when I take a supplement called Cordyceps , my rapid heart beat improves greatly, and my anxiety goes away.
Unfortunately, it is very hard for me to digest Cordyceps. So my next step was to figure out what is in Cordyceps that can help rapid heart beat...
According to this article: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3755201/
one of the main components of Cordyceps is Adenosine, which oddly enough is used in hospitals to slow down rapid heart beat, Source: http://www.webmd.com/heart-disease/adenosine-for-fast-heart-rates

So far so good,
So my next thought was that if I could find Adenosine as a single supplement, it may be that I will get the benefits of Cordyceps without the digestion issues,
This provoked me in looking for the supplement online,
The only supplement close to this that I found is : Adenosine triphosphate, however this is advertised for ATP production(for energy).... I am just wanting to know if this is the same thing or not?(Meaning adenosine and adenosine triphosphate are the same) Because one is to slow down heart rate and the other to produce energy, so it just seems like the exact opposite....

Anyways, if any one knows the difference please educate me,
Also, any other natural supplements (Asides from Passion Flower which gives me headaches and Valerian) would be very helpful ..
Thanks so much,


Senior Member
It appears that AMP is used to regulate neurological activity in the heart and to assist with recovery from the neurological after-effects of shingles.

It seems as if AMP is what you're looking for, however from what I understand AMP is not easy to come by in a single supplement form.

"Adenosine" in drug form looks as if it accomplishes similar goals as an antiarrhythmic agent for heart issues.

That's about all I can find from scratching around here and there, I do feel you though about having troubles digesting certain supplements.
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