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Addisons and thyroid Issues

Does anyone have any advice for a 16 yr old boy with Addisons and Thyroid issues who,is struggling at the moment and fatigue is bad? His parents are keen to see an autoimmune specialist or very good internalist or functional medicine specialist. Any tips who,to see in the UK or USA?

The above forum is run by a charity called Thyroid UK. If you contact the charity or write a post on the forum asking for the email address, they keep lists of doctors - GPs and consultants, private and NHS - who have been recommended by someone at some point in time, and they might email the list to you. But there are no guarantees with any doctors - the rules change and the doctors change their practice and treatment along with it e.g. you won't find many doctors willing to prescribe T3 any more. It never was popular with doctors, and now most of them won't touch it with a bargepole.