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Active/Inactive Viruses Under the Microscope


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Viruses Under the Microscope

Very interesting!

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English: https://www.uni-wuerzburg.de/en/news-and-events/news/detail/news/viruses-under-the-microscope/
German: https://www.uni-wuerzburg.de/aktuelles/pressemitteilungen/single/news/den-viren-auf-der-spur/
Human herpesviruses such as HHV-6 can remain dormant in cells for many years without being noticed. When reactivated, they can cause serious clinical conditions. Researchers from Würzburg have now found a way of differentiating between active and inactive viruses.
While HHV-6 was long believed to have no negative impact on human health, scientists today increasingly suspect the virus of causing various diseases such as multiple sclerosis or chronic fatigue syndrome.
With this finding, Prusty and his team have demonstrated for the first time in experiments that some of the prescription drugs have the potential to reactivate HHV-6 with life-threatening consequences. Early detection of viral reactivation may therefore be helpful for further clinical interventions.
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