Activated charcoal & drug interaction


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I currently take Hydrocortisone three times a day -- once upon waking (2-2.30pm), a follow-up dose at 5.30-5.50pm, and a small dose after dinner at 9pm.

I also do a coffee enema everyday at about 7.30pm before I eat, in order to clear my bowels, improve mood, anxiety, detox etc. As has been suggested, I take charcoal tablets 15 minutes before in order to absorb any toxins released during the enema (otherwise, they tend to make me very sick).

When I googled, it says that charcoal should be taken 2 hours after or 1 before meds, and also that it's a powerful absorbent of steroids. That means it shouldn't be interfering with the after-dinner (9pm) dose, but that I am taking it less than 2 hours after the second (5.30pm) dose.

I may be naive about this but if the HC is swallowed, shouldn't it all be broken down and absorbed pretty quickly? I tend to feel the effects within about 30 minutes. Would there still be anything even left in my gut for the charcoal to clear out after 1.5 hours? Or is the mechanism different?

It's tricky trying to space everything out, but the enemas really are a vital treatment for me, so I guess I could try moving the HC doses back a little. But I was just wondering if it's something I do need to watch out for.


Northern USA
Northern USA
My guess was the same as yours, that the 1 and 1/2 hour should be enough, but I don't have the knowledge to know that for sure, either.
Perhaps a call to a pharmacist.chemist, they might know better specifics on it?

It is definitely challenging trying to space things out the best, for what each thing does.
Thinking of you.