A review of EVB and CFS by Dr. A Martin Lerner


Off the fence
I'd just like to point out that this study design has many faults. To say there is a wide benefit when the difference between the starting point and the "successful treatment outcome" was only 2.5 points on Dr Lerner's own subjective scale (see below), and when many patient outcomes were not reported on at all (they dropped out) is hardly scientific. A total of 5 patients gave the improvements (from 4.3 to 6.7 on the scale below) as reported in this study. Others dropped out of the study. No reasons for that were given.

4 - Out of bed sitting, standing, walking 46 hours per day
5 - Perform with difficulty sedentary job 40 hours a week, daily naps
6 - Daily naps in bed, may maintain a 40-hour sedentary work week plus light, limited housekeeping and/or social activities
What's the difference here between level 5 and level 6? Not a lot.

Valtrex does help some of us, but to conclude the EBV is the cause of ME/CFS is disingenuous, to say the least. Personally, I go with what I understand of Dr. Mikovits' hypothesis that our immune system is compromised by an MuLV, and infections that in immunocompetant persons are kept under control make us sick, and increase our symptom load. That's how it works with HIV, after all.

Treating the secondary infections - EBV, HHV6 and the rest of the Herpes family, HParvoV, HPapV, etc, helps in those where those pathogens are active but does not cure. To do that, you have to hit the retro-virus, and rebuild the immune system.


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hi jace, treating ebv if its active, is going lower your viral load so u will feel better and have that energy left over to fight other infections etc. I think his study isnt a classic study but a collection of his experience treating people with active ebv, he doesnt state that ebv is the sole cause but a subset, as he does mention lack of improvement in others with co-infections, so he's not limited to one and only infection and from other info i have read of learners opinions is that he does think there is a missing link and is open to retrovirus causes of cfs. on lerners scale of 4 to a 6 sounds quite impressive to me, a 4 is sitting out of bed for 4-6 hours and a 6 is able to work a sedentry job of 40hrs a week, thats a big think being able to support yourself financially. I do agree its hard to grade cfs disability. As far as a cure, that 100%, im not sure if its ever going to happen to alot of people even with arv's and ampligen, i think there maybe some left over damage from this illness. Maybe because of lerners experience with av's it might be possible to add these treatment to others who are xmrv positive and have herpes infections and get greater improvement then either alone. I dont think we should bash other partially successful treatments but try to learn more from them as dr lerner has had some success as many of his patients would justify this. I would rether have dr lerner on my side then alot of docs out there that would just throw prozac at u.