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A patient update from the ampligen trial Nov 2023


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United Kingdom

If anyone can convert this thread to text and add it that would be amazing.

Yesterday I completed the #Ampligen clinical trial for #LongCovid. An update thread:

#MyalgicE #pwME

TLDR: 12 weeks on Ampligen (assuming it was Ampligen and not placebo) gave me a small but positive baseline improvement.

The threads very long hence the ask if anyone has the full text. This is assuming twitter doesn't auto link the thread properly like it used to.


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Here is the whole tweet thread unrolled: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1722994818626781459.html

If you reply to a thread with "@threadreaderapp unroll" then a bot will automatically create a single page of all the tweets and links to it. Often on long threads, someone or multiple people in the replies below will have already done it. Also, if you yourself tweet to unroll a thread, then threadreaderapp will keep a catalog of all threads you've unrolled. So some people use it for bookmarking tweets.