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A Common Over-The-Counter Drug Could Treat Long COVID, Case Study Reports -- From ScienceAlert Website --[References to ME/CFS]


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Ashland, Oregon
The following article is from the SCIENCEalert website. The references below is everything that was mentioned about ME/CFS.

A Common Over-The-Counter Drug Could Treat Long COVID, Case Study Reports

The symptoms of long COVID are very similar to Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), which is an understudied and underfunded medical condition impacting up to 24 million people worldwide.​
Now that long COVID or PASC cases are surging in synchrony with the current coronavirus pandemic, researchers are finally giving the similar symptoms of both illnesses the attention they deserve.​
Antihistamines are commonly taken by patients with ME/CFS, although a small trial in 1996 found this medicine showed no benefits among all 30 participants.​
More recently, however, physicians have begun calling for renewed research on antihistamines as a possible treatment for ME/CFS. A subset of patients with ME/CFS had shown signs of overactive immune cells, which could possibly be quieted with an antihistamine.​