A cause of autoimmunity and other disorders


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"The study, led by researchers at WEHI in Melbourne, Australia, showed cells responsible for making antibody proteins use a randomisation process to determine which type of antibody to make, behaviour that scientists have dubbed 'molecular roulette'.

Researchers have leveraged the critical insights to create a formula for predicting this allocation process, in a major step towards understanding why some people are biologically prone to developing diseases like asthma, autoimmune conditions and infections."

"This finding is a significant step forward in understanding how these varying probabilities can impact individuals when it comes to their likelihood of developing certain diseases, while also broadening our understanding of how cells behave at the molecular level."

I suppose this is another pathway that could be involved in ME, and since it's a new discovery, no one has checked this possibility before. More to the point, it's another example of how much we don't know about how the body works, so we shouldn't jump to the easy, known theories for what's the root dysfunction of ME.