3-Oxoglutaric levels 170x reference range on OATS

unsure what to think of 3-Oxoglutaric being x170 reference range
no other value greater than x2 reference, vitamin c an exception 12x lower

High Markers

Low Markers

3-Oxoglutaric acid is also known as Acetonedicarboxylic acid. The presence of 3-Oxoglutaric acid in human urine can be used as a diagnostic test for the overgrowth of harmful gut flora such as Candida albicans. Candida albicans is the most common form of yeast in the body. Candida can build up toxins that contribute to fibromyalgia, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, brain fog, depression, and other symptoms. When Candida becomes invasive, it attaches to the intestinal wall causing leaky gut. This can result in food sensitivities, nutrient malabsorption, and intestinal disorders.

| food sensitivities; only tolerates potato, chicken, sweet potato with limited beef, lettuce | brain fog; severe | depression; completely anhedonic, body numbness, pressure builds in head when attempting to feel anything exacerbates neuropsychiatric symptoms | chronic fatigue syndrome; on floor all day, while recently feels energy movement triggers agitative confusion episodes

my last OAT's test early 2021 3-Oxoglutaric was normal

High Markers
3-Hydroxybutyric (x30 reference range)
2-Hydroxybutyric (x2.5 reference range)

past year primarily working on oxidative stress, oxalates, transsulfuration and methylation pathways

tolerating well: Niacin, Hydroxy-B12 injections, MTHF (100mcg), Hydrogen Water, TUDCA, Molybdenum & B6 with some sensitivity

tolerating partially (on and off): ALCAR. Lysine (10-50mcg), Selenium, SAMe, aTRS Zeolites, 1/15th electrolytes powder

unable tolerate: vitamin c, melatonin, DIM, probiota histaminx probiotics 1/10th capsule

recently restarted vitamin c taking into consideration this guide which outlines histamine, salicylate and corn issues with most vitamin c based products

hoping high 3-Oxoglutaric answers my symptoms, supplement changes this past year helped immensely but other symptoms completely taking over, vitamin c used to help so much but now only tolerate 10-30mg doses fingers crossed the answer isn't too complicated

now to wait 30th January for my appointment 😢


Hi @mantra

Welcome to PR. I'm sorry to hear that you are so severe.

I am not super familiar with OAT tests, their reliability or how common it is for something to be so high above the normal range, but 3-Oxoglutaric that is x170 the reference range sure sounds high. As you are aware it is a marker for Candida but it seems somewhat odd to me that there was no trace of it in early 2021. Did you take a course of antibiotics since your first test.

Of course, so many symptoms of ME/CFS fit with candida symptoms. Candia albicans and many species also typically cause a great deal of gas and bloating when sugar or carbs are ingested. I personally had "heavy overgrowth" of Candida krusei that was diagnosed via stool culture. Oddly, I never had gas or bloating with C. krusei but one thing I always had was a thick, white coating on my tongue, which resolved with treatment. Many other symptoms improved when I addressed my C. krusei, but it did not get rid of my ME/CFS.

Hopefully others will have some additional insights for you.