3-hydroxypropionic acid found in urine

3-hydroxypropionic acid.

There were high amounts of
3-hydroxypropionic acid found in my urine, I was told that:
„this definetely doesnt belong there“.
But they shrugged it off eventually.
Since they didnt not know what it could mean.
Has anyone out there ever heard if this? cant find anything in google.
who tested this ? doesn't seem to be something normal doctors go and test for


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Your welcome
But don't be surprised if the doc blows it off. They don't like patients giving them information, they seem to think that as the experts advice should only flow in one direction.
But some of those supplements can be tried without a prescription, but the inborn metabolism errors you might need actual testing for. I would start there, see if you can get the doc to test or send you to a specialist before trying the supplements. Get some investigations done if you can.
Yes,very common problem.Wouldnt be the first time..