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23andme analyzed, looking for advice


Senior Member
Gene & VariationrsID #Risk AlleleYour Alleles & Results
CYP1A1*2C A4889G rs1048943 C TT -/-
CYP1A1*4 C2453A rs1799814 T GG -/-
CYP1A2 C164A rs762551 C AA -/-
CYP1B1 L432V rs1056836 C CG +/-
CYP1B1 N453S rs1800440 C TT -/-
CYP1B1 R48G rs10012 C CG +/-
CYP2A6*2 A1799T rs1801272 T AT +/-
CYP2C19*17 rs12248560 T CC -/-
CYP2C9*2 C430T rs1799853 T CC -/-
CYP2C9*3 A1075C rs1057910 C AA -/-
CYP2D6 S486T rs1135840 G CG +/-
CYP2D6 T100C rs1065852 A AG +/-
CYP2D6 T2850C rs16947 A GG -/-
CYP2E1*1B G9896C rs2070676 G CG +/-
CYP2E1*4 A4768G rs6413419 A GG -/-
CYP3A4*1B rs2740574 C TT -/-
CYP3A4*3 M445T rs4986910 G AA -/-
GPX3 rs8177412 C
GSTM1 rs12068997 T
GSTM1 rs4147565 A
GSTM1 rs4147567 G
GSTM1 rs4147568 A
GSTM1 rs1056806 T CC -/-
GSTM1 rs12562055 A
GSTM1 rs2239892 G
GSTP I105V rs1695 G AG +/-
GSTP1 A114V rs1138272 T CC -/-
NAT1 A560G(?) (R187Q) rs4986782 A GG -/-
NAT2 A803G (K268R) rs1208 G AG +/-
NAT2 C190T (R64W) rs1805158 T CC -/-
NAT2 G590A (R197Q) rs1799930 A AG +/-
NAT2 G857A (G286E) rs1799931 A GG -/-
NAT2 T341C (I114T) rs1801280 C CT +/-
SOD2 rs2758331 A AC +/-
SOD2 rs2855262 T CT +/-
SOD2 A16V rs4880 G AG +/-
PON1 Q192R rs662 C CT +/-
Gene & VariationrsID #Risk AlleleYour Alleles & Results
CTH S4031I rs1021737 T GG -/-
IRF6 rs987525 A CC -/-
IRF6 rs861020 A GG -/-
RARA rs7217852 G AA -/-
RARA rs9904270 T
TBX22 rs41307258 A T -
TBX22 rs28935177 T A -
Gene & VariationrsID #Risk AlleleYour Alleles & Results
HLA rs7775228 C CT +/-
HLA rs2155219 T GG -/-
Gene & VariationrsID #Risk AlleleYour Alleles & Results
FCER1A rs2427837 A
IL-13 C1112T rs1800925 T CC -/-
DARC rs2814778 C TT -/-
IL13 rs1295685 A
CD14 rs2569191 C CC +/+
SOCS-1 -820G>T rs33977706 A CC -/-
C3 rs366510 G
FCER1A / OR10J2P rs2494262 A
FCER1A rs2251746 C TT -/-
RAD50 rs2040704 G AA -/-
RAD50 rs2240032 T CC -/-
Gene & VariationrsID #Risk AlleleYour Alleles & Results
FCGR2A rs1801274 A AG +/-
GSTM3 V224I rs7483 T CT +/-
TNFRSF13B rs4792800 G
Gene & VariationrsID #Risk AlleleYour Alleles & Results
TRAF1 rs3761847 G AA -/-
IRF5 rs4728142 A AG +/-
IGF1R rs2229765 A AA +/+
IFIH1 (HLA) rs1990760 C CT +/-
HLA rs9271366 G AA -/-
CFH rs6677604 A GG -/-
HLA-DQA2 rs9275224 A AG +/-
MTC03P1 rs9275596 C TT -/-
PSMB8 / TAP1 / TAP2 rs9357155 A GG -/-
HLA-DPB2 / COL11A2P rs1883414 A AG +/-
Gene & VariationrsID #Risk AlleleYour Alleles & Results
CETP rs1800775 C AC +/-
CYP4V2 rs13146272 C AA -/-
GP6 rs1613662 G AG +/-
ITGB3 T196C rs5918 C TT -/-
KNG I598T rs2731672 T TT +/+
NR1I2 rs1523127 C AA -/-
SERPINC1 rs2227589 T CT +/-
HRG rs9898 T CC -/-
F12 rs1801020 A
F11 rs2289252 T TT +/+
F11 rs2036914 T
F10 113777509 rs3211719 G AA -/-
F7 A353G rs6046 A GG -/-
F2 (Prothrombin 20210A) i3002432 A GG -/-
F3 94997288 rs1324214 A
F5 (Factor V Leiden) rs6025 T CC -/-
F9 G580A rs6048 G A -
Gene & VariationrsID #Risk AlleleYour Alleles & Results
ACE Del16 rs4343 G AG +/-
ADD1 G460W rs4961 T GG -/-
ACAT1-02 rs3741049 A GG -/-
AGT M235T/C4072T rs699 G AG +/-
AHCY-01 rs819147 C TT -/-
AHCY-02 rs819134 G
AHCY-19 rs819171 C TT -/-
BHMT rs16876512 T
BHMT rs6875201 G AA -/-
BHMT-02 rs567754 T CT +/-
BHMT-04 rs617219 C
BHMT-08 rs651852 T CC -/-
BHMT R239Q rs3733890 A GG -/-
CBS A13637G rs2851391 T CT +/-
CBS A360A rs1801181 A AG +/-
CBS C19150T rs4920037 A AG +/-
CBS C699T rs234706 A AG +/-
CBS N212N rs2298758 A
COMT rs6269 G GG +/+
COMT -61 P199P rs769224 A GG -/-
COMT H62H rs4633 T CC -/-
COMT V158M rs4680 A GG -/-
DAO rs2070586 A GG -/-
DAO rs2111902 G
DAO rs3741775 C CC +/+
DHFR rs1643649 C CT +/-
FOLR1 rs2071010 A GG -/-
FOLR2 rs651933 A GG -/-
FOLR3 rs7925545 G AA -/-
FOLR3 rs7926875 A
FUT2 rs492602 G AA -/-
FUT2 rs601338 A GG -/-
FUT2 rs602662 A GG -/-
G6PD rs1050828 T C -
G6PD rs1050829 C T -
GAD1 rs3749034 A GG -/-
GAD1 rs2241165 C TT -/-
GAD1 rs769407 C GG -/-
GAD1 rs2058725 C CT +/-
GAD1 rs3791851 C TT -/-
GAD1 rs3791850 A AG +/-
GAD1 rs12185692 A AA +/+
GAD1 rs3791878 T GG -/-
GAD1 rs10432420 A AG +/-
GAD1 rs3828275 T CT +/-
GAD1 rs701492 T CC -/-
GAD1 rs769395 G
GAD2 rs1805398 T
GAMT rs17851582 A GG -/-
GAMT rs55776826 T CC -/-
GIF (TCN3) rs558660 A GG -/-
MAO A R297R rs6323 T T +
MAT1A rs72558181 T
MTHFD1 C105T rs1076991 C CC +/+
MTHFD1 G1958A rs2236225 A AG +/-
MTHFD1L rs11754661 A GG -/-
MTHFD1L rs17349743 C TT -/-
MTHFD1L rs6922269 A AG +/-
MTHFD1L rs803422 A AG +/-
MTHFR 03 P39P rs2066470 A GG -/-
MTHFR A1298C rs1801131 G TT -/-
MTHFR A1572G rs17367504 G AA -/-
MTHFR C677T rs1801133 A AG +/-
MTHFR G1793A (R594Q) rs2274976 T CC -/-
MTHFR rs12121543 A
MTHFR rs13306560 T CC -/-
MTHFR rs13306561 G
MTHFR rs1476413 T CC -/-
MTHFR rs17037390 A GG -/-
MTHFR rs17037396 T
MTHFR rs3737964 T CC -/-
MTHFR rs4846048 G AA -/-
MTHFR rs4846049 T GG -/-
MTHFS rs6495446 C CC +/+
MTR A2756G rs1805087 G AA -/-
MTRR A66G rs1801394 G AA -/-
MTRR H595Y rs10380 T
MTRR K350A rs162036 G AG +/-
MTRR R415T rs2287780 T
MTRR-11 A664A rs1802059 A GG -/-
MTRR rs10520873 C
MTRR rs1532268 T CC -/-
MTRR rs162049 G
MTRR rs3776467 G AG +/-
MTRR rs9332 A AG +/-
NOS1 rs3782206 T
NOS2 rs2297518 A GG -/-
NOS2 rs2274894 T GT +/-
NOS2 rs2248814 A AG +/-
NOS3 rs1800783 A TT -/-
NOS3 rs1800779 G AA -/-
NOS3 rs3918188 A CC -/-
NOS3 G10T rs7830 T
NOS3 T786C rs2070744 C
PEMT rs4244593 T GG -/-
PEMT rs4646406 A AA +/+
PEMT rs7946 C TT -/-
SHMT1 C1420T rs1979277 A
SHMT1 rs9909104 C
SHMT2 rs12319666 T
SHMT2 rs34095989 A AG +/-
SLC19A1 rs1888530 T
SLC19A1 rs3788200 A
TCN1 rs526934 G AA -/-
TCN2 C766G rs1801198 G CG +/-
TYMS rs502396 C
VDR Bsm rs1544410 T CC -/-
Gene & VariationrsID #Risk AlleleYour Alleles & Results
HLA rs2858331 G GG +/+
HLA DQA1 rs2187668 T CC -/-
Gene & VariationrsID #Risk AlleleYour Alleles & Results
CTLA4 rs231775 G AG +/-
FOXE1 rs1867277 A AA +/+
FOXE1 rs7043516 C
FOXE1 rs10984009 A AG +/-
Gene & VariationrsID #Risk AlleleYour Alleles & Results
BCMO1 rs4889294 C CC +/+
BCMO1 R267S rs12934922 T TT +/+
BCMO1 A379V rs7501331 T CC -/-
Gene & VariationrsID #Risk AlleleYour Alleles & Results
ATP5g3 rs185584 G
ATP5g3 rs36089250 C TT -/-
ATP5c1 rs2778475 A
ATP5c1 rs1244414 T CC -/-
ATP5c1 rs1244422 T
ATP5c1 rs12770829 T
ATP5c1 rs4655 C
COX5A rs8042694 G AA -/-
COX6C rs4626565 C TT -/-
COX6C rs7844439 A
COX6C rs4510829 A
COX6C rs1135382 A
COX6C rs7828241 C
COX6C rs12544943 G
COX6C rs4518636 C
NDUFS3 rs2233354 C
NDUFS3 rs4147730 A GG -/-
NDUFS3 rs4147731 A
NDUFS7 rs2332496 A AA +/+
NDUFS7 rs7254913 G
NDUFS7 rs1142530 T TT +/+
NDUFS7 rs7258846 T TT +/+
NDUFS7 rs11666067 A
NDUFS7 rs2074895 A
NDUFS7 rs809359 G AA -/-
NDUFS8 rs4147776 C
NDUFS8 rs1122731 A
NDUFS8 rs999571 A AG +/-
NDUFS8 rs2075626 C CT +/-
NDUFS8 rs3115546 G
NDUFS8 rs1104739 C
NDUFS8 rs1051806 T CC -/-
UQCRC2 rs6497563 C
UQCRC2 rs4850 A GG -/-
UQCRC2 rs11648723 T GG -/-
UQCRC2 rs12922362 A
UQCRC2 rs2965803 T
Gene & VariationrsID #Risk AlleleYour Alleles & Results
4q27 Region rs6822844 T GG -/-
APOE rs429358 C TT -/-
ATG16L1 rs10210302 C CT +/-
GSDMB rs7216389 T CC -/-
HLA-DRB1 rs660895 G AA -/-
IL5 rs2069812 A AG +/-
IL-13 rs20541 A AG +/-
IL4R Q576R rs1801275 G AA -/-
MeFV A744S i4000409 A CC -/-
MeFV E148Q rs3743930 G CC -/-
MeFV F479L i4000403 C GG -/-
MeFV K695R i4000407 C CT +/-
MeFV M680I rs28940580 G CC -/-
MeFV M694I rs28940578 T CC -/-
MeFV M694V i4000406 C TT -/-
MeFV P369S rs11466023 A AG +/-
MeFV R761H i4000410 T CC -/-
STAT4 rs10181656 G CC -/-
TNF -308 rs1800629 A GG -/-
TNF -238 rs361525 A AG +/-
TYR (MeFV) V726A rs28940879 A GG -/-
Gene & VariationrsID #Risk AlleleYour Alleles & Results
SULT1A1 rs35728980 G GT +/-
SULT1A1 rs1801030 C
SULT1A1 rs1042157 A AG +/-
SULT1A1 rs36043491 T CC -/-
SULT1A1 rs60749306 C TT -/-
SULT1A1 rs9282862 C TT -/-
SULT1A1 rs1042008 A GG -/-
SULT1A1 rs2925627 C
SULT1A1 rs2925631 C
SULT1A1 rs3020800 G
SULT1A1 rs4149385 T CC -/-
SULT1A1 rs60701883 A CC -/-
SULT1A1 rs4149381 G TT -/-
SULT1A1 rs8057055 A
SULT1A1 rs6498090 A
SULT1A1 rs7193599 C
SULT1A1 rs7192559 T CC -/-
SULT1A3 rs1059667 A
SULT2A1 rs296366 T CC -/-
SULT2A1 rs296365 C
SULT2A1 rs11569679 T CC -/-
SULT2A1 rs4149452 T CT +/-
SULT2A1 rs8113396 G
SULT2A1 rs2547242 C
SULT2A1 rs2910393 T
SULT2A1 rs4149449 T CC -/-
SULT2A1 rs2547231 C AA -/-
SULT2A1 rs4149448 G
SULT2A1 rs11083907 A GG -/-


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seems as though i have a CBS problem (long suspected, confirmed with sulfite strips). so i'm going to tackle that first. i don't have any gut problems per se (candida, sibo, etc.), so i don't think SHMT is a problem, but i do have many gut symptoms - likely attributable to imbalances elsewhere. ACAT is clear.

i have some comorbid SNP mutations (COMT+/-, VDR taq+/+ not shown here), should i be avoiding methyl donors?

I've read heartfixer and it's rather vague on the subject.
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Sth Australia
thanks. I dont have any advice to give you but those rs numbers on your panel, Im going to use some time to look up my raw dna results in certain areas eg thyriod, which were done in yours. Its good to know what things to be trying to look up.
23andme does not give SHMT1 C1420T rs1979277 A as I read in this forum.
From where was it generated. Will be happy if I could do that too.

I had my SHMT1 C1420T as not found "n/a" in my 23andme test.