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23 and me SNPs -- how do you get list?

I just received an email telling me my 23 and me results are back, but I don't know how to get the SNPs listed, particularly the ones relevant to the methylation cycle. All I can find is a huge list of all the chromosones with thousands of SNPs.

You can download the raw data from https://www.23andme.com/you/download/ (after entering password, security question, etc), then use that at sites such as geneticgenie.

My fiance and I have also now finished a rare gene analysis program which can be downloaded from https://sourceforge.net/projects/analyzemygenes/ - basically just download the file (dark green button near the top of the page), extract the folder (option near top left of folder) to wherever you like (easiest if it's in the same place that you put your 23andMe results), then double click on the "genes" file to run it.

A box with three buttons should appear. The top button should start out green because it automatically selects the one_percent data file. The middle button will be orange, because you need to click on it and select your 23andMe file. After you do that it should turn green if it's the right sort of file. Then you can click on the yellow "analyze" button, which should start showing a list of results, which takes about 30-60 seconds to complete.

When that's done, there's two buttons to allow saving the file as .pdf (for a simple and pretty printable version) or as text (tab separated, less pretty, but easy to import into Excel if you want to sort things, take notes, etc).

bel canto

Senior Member
Hi, V - thanks so much for all this effort!

I'm having difficulty getting this to work on my Macbook. Is it supposed to?