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23 and me results-first time here

Hello all-

I just got my 23 and me and completed my genetic genie. My history is that im 49, with a 12 year history of low immune function, low NK cells, ?Chronic lyme, thyroid issues for many years...periods of adrenal rushes, low potassium. On HC for adrenal fatigue. Just this past year I was diagnosed and had surgery for Stage 3 Papillary Thyroid Cancer with mets to the lymph nodes. Here are my results...Im hoping y'all can point me in the right direction and give me some info...Thank you so much for your time!
MTHFR C677T +/+ AA
COMT V1588M +/+ AA
COMT H62H +/+ TT
VDR taq +/+ AA
BHMT-08 +/+ TT
MAO AR297R GT +/-
MTR A2756G AG +/-
MTRR K350A AG +/-
MTRR A664A AG +/-
BHMT-02 CT +/-
CBS C699T AG +/-
CBS A360A AG +/-
CYP1B1L432V GG +/+
CYP2C9*2C430T TT +/+
NAT2R197Q AA +/+
CYP1B1R48G CG +/-
CYP2E1*1B9896C>G CG +/-
CYP2E1*4768G>A AG +/-
GSTP1105V AG +/-

thanks again1


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Sth Australia
For the MTHFR issue (you have the worst kind of MTHFR mutation)... the website http://mthfr.net/ is full of good info. Here's the basic protocol from that website http://mthfr.net/mthfr-c677t-mutation-basic-protocol/2012/02/24/

I see a specialist for my MTHFR mutation.. at the very mimimum you need to be on
  • Methylfolate or the other kind of active folate if you cant tolerate this till you can.
  • Methylcobalamin
as your body needing the methyl group of the B12 and the methylfolate as your body cant convert normal folate properly. I have a child with similar to spina bifida due to me having this mutation but not knowing when I got pregnant so I was only talking folate which was useless to me. This mutation also increases stroke risk, heart attack risk, miscarriage risk.. so it needs to be treated (and can give one a lot of other issues not treating it).
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Thank you! For responding I'm going to see an environmental doc a week from Thursday.. Funny thing I've always taken methylcolbalamin.. But never did the methyl folate but I'm sure I'll be learning a lot over the next few months. Ugh