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2016 Environmental Sensitivities Symposium


Senior Member
Sth Australia
I just got following mail

"Australian National Register of Environmental Sensitivities (ANRES)

Dear Members

I wanted to let you know about an online event that is starting soon that I thought you might be interested in.

The 2016 Environmental Sensitivities Symposium brings together 15 experts from around the world, all sharing their perspective on various aspects of environmental sensitivities. Topics include electromagnetic hypersensitivity, chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue syndrome, heavy metals (including lead), indoor air quality contaminants, mould, and chemicals (including obesogens).

Every interview is informative and inspiring, and contains advice pertaining to the topic.

As well, there is a private Google+ group that you can join; a free e-magazine; and there is also a textbook available through Amazon containing 15 original papers written by each of the speakers.

There will also be Q&A sessions throughout the event where you can ask your own questions.

Sharyn Martin will be speaking about the ANRES data on the impact and burdens of Environmental Sensitivities.

The event is free – starting on 17 October - so please register www.ESSymposium.com "

I dont know if this Symposium is just for their members but note ANRES membership is free if there is anyone who wants to join. https://anres.org/australian-national-register-of-environmental-sensitivities/about-anres/