1987 "Nightline" on CFS


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Thanks for putting this up, Forbin. One consideration would be to put this under the "Media" heading as that is where people have tended to look print/radio/TV stuff. I think only the mods can do this though.


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Thanks for posting this. It was great. I love a nice trip down memory lane.

I wasn't sick when this story ran, but my eldest sister was. She actually got sick shortly after returning from a weekend ski trip to Incline Village around New Year's Day in 1984 (she's never been officially connected with the Incline Village cohort).

Interestingly, I happened to be in labor with my daughter when my sister's weekend trip was over and she came directly from the airport to my bedside in the (family friendly) labor and delivery suite where we were later joined by our other sister.

When my daughter was born, naturally her aunties had turns at holding and kissing my new beautiful 'little bundle of joy'.

Today, all three of us sisters have CFS and so does my daughter. I don't know if the ski trip was a factor, but it's certainly enough to make me wonder.

Wow, I just realized that I might actually have pictures of the hour we were infected. How weird is that thought? There's no way to know if the ski trip was connected to our CFS. Maybe someday the technology will exist to easily map genomic families of 'the thing' and find out, but today I have bigger fish to fry.

It's entirely possible there is no connection at all. I didn't get sick until years later in 1995 (I'm the youngest sister), our middle sister got sick in 2002, and my daughter got sick in 2007.

(As Sergeant Friday would say, 'Just the facts, Ma'am.')


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