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$100 Million for HIV


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australia (brisbane)
In the scheme of things we aren't even asking for much. I think it proves the authorities dont give a rats.
Whenever I see these organizations getting so much money I cant help but think of the money thats not directly used for its cause such as administrators driving expensive cars payed for with govt funding and donations.

Cfs researchers I picture driving their own bombed up car or a bicycle to work as well as doing alot of work in their own time etc.

I have more respect for researchers of the unsexy illnesses like our own doing things on minute budgets than the researchers of the more sexy/popular illnesses. There has to be a limit to how much funding is really of benefit to certain conditions.

Cancer seems to be one of those illnesses that get flooded with funds but are they getting equivalent returns. Politicians who increase funding to say breast cancer are going to get more public relations bang for their buck compared to some other illness that isnt as popular but is probably in need of alot more funding.

Its just not fair when we see how the funding is distributed. More frustrating when cfs research dollars go to crap like cbt and other psych crap supposedly for cfs.