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$10 million just donated to ME research!


Fine, thank you
There's a thread on this with a rather quiet title (the title of the Amy Dockser Marcus WSJ blogpost that reports it) so I don't think that this news has got the attention it deserves here on Phoenix Rising! It's phenomenally good news.

If you're interested, please go over to that thread and take a look or comment. It's well worth it! Here's the link.

I've not been as happy as I should be about this.

Thanks for the smilie balloons to remind me what good news this is!!

I spend too much time reading bad CFS papers by researchers I don't respect, and that can lead to me being unduly pessimistic about things - it sounds like there are steps forward in quite a few areas, and hopefully we'll be able to do more to capitalise on that with this extra funding.


ahimsa_pdx on twitter
:D Thanks so much for re-posting with such a straightforward title! :D

I did indeed miss the original post (can't read them all) but this post got my attention. I'll go over to the WSJ blog now and read more about it.