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vitamin b12

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    elevated levels of vitamin B12 in blood

    Since many of the CFS/ME protocols recommend taking high doses of vitamin B12, has anyone ever had their levels tested? If your blood vitamin B12 is higher than the normal range is it safe to continue to take it since your body is not utilizing it as well so better to have too much than too...
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    Help With Methylation Protocol

    Hi guys. This is my second post i think. I've been reading up on Fredds, amy yasko and Richs protocol and i am so so so confused on the dosages etc. Please find below the protocol i have copied to my notes to follow. Also note that i have added Iodine, selinium and molybdium (Molybdate salt)+...
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    Functional Vitamin B12 deficiency in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome... (Russel-Jones, 2022)

    Abstract Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) is a complex chronic condition, characterized by periods of extreme fatigue, for which an underlying medical condition has previously not been identified. Many of the symptoms of CFS/ME, are, though, similar to those with...