the future

  1. Jody

    Article Looking Ahead to a New Year With ME/CFS

    Looking Ahead to a New Year With ME/CFS by Jody Smith Hey, it's the beginning of a new year. And 2020 has a nice fresh ring to it. This time of year are you thinking about the future? I'm not talking about New Year Resolutions. I ditched those years ago. Me, I have a hard time looking to...
  2. R

    Plans/Contingencies for the future - advice wanted - UK based member

    Hi all, I'm still very new to the forums, but not new to having ME - had it since approximately 2012. Essentially, I live alone, by no choice of my own. My mum passed away in 2008, and my dad is now in his 70s and also the main carer for his partner. My anxiety has had me thinking lately -...