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  1. FoxgloveFever

    HHV-6/EBV testing UK? / Remitting symptoms on Molnupiravir?

    Can anyone recommend a private UK clinic that offers testing and treatment for underlying EBV, HHV-6 etc infections? Has anyone else experienced a lessening of ME symptoms after taking Molnupiravir or any other Covid treatment? I've had ME since 2006, varying from mild to severe across the...
  2. F

    Vitamin D effects on antibody titers, PCR, or Elispot?

    Hi, I'm planning on eventually doing a series of antibody tests for things like EBV, CMV, HSV, HHV 6, Coxsackie B, Rubella, candida, toxoplasma, mycoplasma, and various Lyme tests. I'm also looking at doing a few Elispot tests with Infectolab, which to my limited knowledge is based on...
  3. M

    Long Hauler trying to prepare for a 24h urine test

    Hello MCAS folks, I am a Covid Long-Hauler. For a while I have been wondering if what I am experiencing is part of MCAS, given that is the case with many other suffering post-Covid. I DO NOT have the typical symptoms like hives, swelling, low blood pressure, syncope, diarrhea. I DO have...
  4. N

    Phage Borrelia qPCR - is false positive possible?

    I received results from Phage Borrelia qPCR from RedLabs and it says Borrelia Miyamotoi positive. From what I heard phage test is a direct proof of active infections while ELISA, Western Blot, PCRs can provide false negative or positive. I am wondering if with phage test false positive is also...