1. Katy131

    Has Quercetin helped your sensitivity to allergies?

    I'm trying to find something (more/new) that will help reduce my sensitivities, particularly to foods, but also to fumes and chemicals in general in my MCS. I've read a lot about Quercetin in the last week, including both PubMed articles and anecdotal evidence that it helps both the histamine...
  2. I

    Link between POTS, MCAS and CFS - Innate inflammation in response to an antigen..t-cell exhaustion's role?

    31:00 onwards Dr Grubb explains which autoantibodies are found in POTS and suggests they are driven firstly by the innate immune system, including mast cell mediators and other cytokines, which then triggers the adaptive immune system to make autoantibodies . He argues it can't be coincidence...