1. RyeRyeBread

    Post-Op Drugs & Anesthesia - Fatigue was Gone!?

    I had gender-confirming top surgery back in March, and was very prepared to feel like absolute shit afterwards, as far as my suspected ME goes. Luckily, I didn't seem to crash during recover, or if I did, it was either rolling and I didn't notice beyond my daily typical symptoms - or because I...
  2. frozenborderline

    Dealing with major amounts of hypersomnia, need help

    So I had some episodes ofnhypersomnia pre surgery but they were more limited and different than what I'm experiencing now. My sleep wasnt usually deep in a refreshing way, I often felt unpleasant and like I was gasping for air when I woke up. It also was just less consistent hypersomnia and...
  3. Dan M

    Scheuermann's kyphosis surgery.

    Hi all. The curve in my spine makes my M.E. symptoms a whole lot worse than they otherwise would be. However after recently reading accounts about CCI/AAI I wonder if my spine is not just an exacerbator of my symptoms but an actual cause. Just wondered has anyone had corrective surgery for...