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  1. serafim

    Worried about my upcoming lumbar puncture. Has anyone had bad experiences? CSF leaks?

    So my new neuro wants me to get a LP to check for viral neuroinfections (i don’t see the point tbh bc i’m not displaying any signs of acute neuroinfection). I’m super worried about getting a CSF leak and that causing me further issues. I suspect I have spinal issues but there’s no way i could...
  2. Hip

    Lactic acid injection fixes prolapsed spinal disc (back pain) by rebuilding collagen: could this help CCI by stimulating collagen in lax ligaments?

    This article details a study at the Stockholm Spine Centre in Sweden involving a single lactic acid injection, which is able to stimulate bulging (prolapsed, herniated) discs in the spine to repair themselves within a few months. The lactic acid (which presumably is injected into the disc...