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  1. W

    terrible dizziness after mental and physical exertion.

    this year after covid or covid shots I rarely develop something like terrible dizziness vomiting and gi issues after mentally or physically exerted. this issue happens monthly or twice monthly or getting worse throughout the year. I also recognised that some supplements like liposamal vitc...
  2. ChookityPop

    Anyone start squinting, have burning eyes and burning brain after straining your brain = brain fog?

    Anyone start squinting, have burning eyes and burning brain after straining your brain/brain fog? I had a long telephone call last week and I pushed it so much longer than I should and I felt my head getting warm, brainfoggy and my eyes started squinting. Now I cant talk for 5 minutes without...
  3. C

    SFN without pain?

    Hello, I have recently received a diagnosis of apparently autoimmune SFN based on the results of a corneal confocal microscopy and a sudoscan test. (I live in Spain, and here it is impossible to get a reliable skin biopsy). I also have elevated FGFR3 antibodies, which seems to be associated...
  4. xebex

    Small fibre neuropathy weirdness?

    I haven't been diagnoses with SFN, mainly because i haven't bothered to go to Doc as i have no pain which seems weird. What i do have is numb skin on my ankles so when i shower the sensation of the water on my skin is different to that of the rest of my legs, I also seems to be loosing hair on...
  5. pattismith

    Characterization of dermal skin innervation in fibromyalgia syndrome 2020

    Characterization of dermal skin innervation in fibromyalgia syndrome Dimitar Evdokimov, Philine Dinkel, Johanna Frank, Claudia Sommer, Nurcan Üçeyler Published: January 13, 2020 Abstract Introduction We characterized dermal innervation in patients with fibromyalgia...
  6. waif

    Can you get a biopsy for sfn in your arm?

    I'm too tired to type up my entire medical history but my entire hand and portions of my arms have been numb for 10 years now...like 24/7 I'm scrambling to get a biopsy before I lose my insurance. But now that I'm Googling it I just see they talk about taking a sample from leg/calf etc. I...
  7. men100

    Diagnosis of small fiber neuropathy by corneal confocal microscopy

    Hi. A specialist in autonomic nervous system and chronic fatigue syndrome has recommended me to check if I have fine fiber neuropathy. He told me there was a new test called corneal confocal microscopy. There are still weeks left for the ophthalmologists to give me the result, but they sent me...
  8. waif

    has anyone tried plaquenil for idiopathic SFPN?

    I can't afford a biopsy yet but I'm not in a rush bc I don't see great tx options... Just curious if anyone's tried it. I've had extreme pain in my upper body and numb hands for for almost 10 years now. "When the cause hasn’t been identified, treatment focuses on managing symptoms...