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Diagnosis of small fiber neuropathy by corneal confocal microscopy


A specialist in autonomic nervous system and chronic fatigue syndrome has recommended me to check if I have fine fiber neuropathy. He told me there was a new test called corneal confocal microscopy. There are still weeks left for the ophthalmologists to give me the result, but they sent me the photos.

The truth, comparing them with a study where you see a picture of a healthy person and another with fine fiber neuropathy, mine clearly suffers from the group of patients. Anyone know anything about this?

Photo of the study:
fibras finas estudio.jpeg

My photo:
fibras finas yo.jpeg

I have no pain, in any case the fibers would be affected of the autonomic nervous system. This diagnosis would give me access to IVIG for free.

Link to the study:




  • Estudio fibras finas.pdf
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Hello again, I have already been given the report of the corneal confocal microscopy for the diagnosis of fine fiber neuropathy. It seems that the diagnosis is confirmed. I put the English translation in red.

Are fine fibers recovered with IVIG treatment?

fibras finas para PR.jpg