1. Joel98

    Can I try 5-HTP despite the possible Metabolic Trap without irreversibly worsening it?!

    Hello, I'm wondering if I can test 5-HTP capsules without worsening the possible Metabolic Trap. If I understand it correctly, it is still unclear whether you have too much or too little serotonin as a result. My symptoms tend to feel like too little and a urine test (which I know has little...
  2. C

    Too Much Serotonin

    So I am pretty sure that I have a major problem with too much serotonin. I have almost every symptom of serotonin syndrome. It seems to go into overdrive with any stressor of any type. When I crash from exertion or get triggered by a stressor, my neck and face get red. My muscles tense...
  3. nerd

    Severe COVID-19: A serotonine-mediated disease

    I found this research from Dr. Farid Jalali, and it finally explains why severe COVID-19 is so severe despite antivirals and immune suppressants. It's all driven by serotonin from destroyed platelets. I'm mentioning this because it can also explain the damage to the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB)...