Severe COVID-19: A serotonine-mediated disease


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I found this research from Dr. Farid Jalali, and it finally explains why severe COVID-19 is so severe despite antivirals and immune suppressants. It's all driven by serotonin from destroyed platelets.

I'm mentioning this because it can also explain the damage to the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) in COVID-19 patients. And this damage to the BBB is not only harmful in itself, but it could become a complication when using Ivermectin.

Fortunately, serotonin can be measured in the plasma, and its excess can be treated with SSRIs and serotonin antagonists such as cyproheptadine. SSRIs could be generally used together with Ivermectin in the early treatment of COVID-19. Cyproheptadine could be used in hospitalized patients. Both are implemented in the FLCCC guidelines.

Now, the question is if SSRIs could also help long haulers to alleviate serotonin pathology and to reduce the small risk of BBB-related side effects from Ivermectin when they take SSRIs for 1-2 weeks before beginning to take Ivermectin.