1. lilpink

    Question wrt use of rituximab

    I have very long standing ME. I developed overt SFPN in 2011 after swine flu (positive punch biopsy). Presentation is severe neuro pain all over my skin (allodynia) and very strange reactions to almost everything in the environment such that I'm now running out of the things I need to survive...
  2. ChookityPop

    Anyone cured their POTS?

    I have blood pooling and the last week I have been experiencing dizziness for the first time. Though I should note that Ive been on Mestinon for 3 days. Ive seen people reverse their pots with: Abx IVIG & Rituximab I read somewhere that doxycycline could help strengthen ligaments, could this...
  3. Hip

    Can the Giardia lamblia ME/CFS outbreak in Bergen explain why the phase II rituximab trials were positive, but the phase III trial negative?

    In 2004 in Bergen Norway, there was a major outbreak of giardiasis (Giardia lamblia infection) resulting from sewage contamination of the drinking water supply, which affected an estimated 2500 people (with 1300 actual laboratory-confirmed cases of giardiasis). Bergen of course is the city...