1. ChookityPop

    Anyone cured their POTS?

    I have blood pooling and the last week I have been experiencing dizziness for the first time. Though I should note that Ive been on Mestinon for 3 days. Ive seen people reverse their pots with: Abx IVIG & Rituximab I read somewhere that doxycycline could help strengthen ligaments, could this...
  2. Hip

    Can the Giardia lamblia ME/CFS outbreak in Bergen explain why the phase II rituximab trials were positive, but the phase III trial negative?

    In 2004 in Bergen Norway, there was a major outbreak of giardiasis (Giardia lamblia infection) resulting from sewage contamination of the drinking water supply, which affected an estimated 2500 people (with 1300 actual laboratory-confirmed cases of giardiasis). Bergen of course is the city...