1. S

    LL-37 peptide

    any folks tried the LL-37 peptide? I was suggested I alternate it with Thymosin alpha 1 (which has helped me tremendously) but I'm a bit hesitant to take out something that has helped so much for an unknown. thanks!
  2. M

    What kind of peptide contaminant could be causing this reaction?

    Looking for some information that can help me investigate this. I am reacting badly to pretty much every peptide, and it is a very weird and delayed reaction, not an allergic one. I develop some delayed tendonitis and muscle pain some days later after application, only seeming to subside days...
  3. GlassCannonLife

    ARA-290 / Cibinetide multi-tissue healing

    I just made a long post on using ARA-290 for endothelial dysfunction on the discord. I thought I might share it here and set this up as a thread for if and when I find more interesting anecdotes. From what I have read, it should be useful for any ischemic tissues, including eg brain and heart...
  4. CristianSerious

    European/USA Telemedicine Doctors/Clinics familiar with peptides?

    Hi, I am interested in using peptides but want a doctor involved. Looking for a doctor in Europe/USA(telemedicine is fine) to figure out what peptides might help I can buy them myself no problem to get my hands on any kind of compound I live in Romania, Europe. I have a mild AAI with no...
  5. mitoMAN

    EU/UK: Group for lab testing PEPTIDE suppliers

    EUROPE/UK: People interested in doing private lab testing for Purity and content of different Peptides? Many countries wont be able to order from high quality labs such as Canlabs or Peptidesciences - that is being to horribly strict customs. I live in Germany and the success rate for ordering...