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  1. tiredgirl928

    comparing LDN to oxymatrine

    Hi all! I have posted a few times about oxymatrine and LDN before. I trialed LDN and basically it pushed me from moderate CFS to severe CFS. For this reason, I am very nervous to try new treatments, especially since many things make us worse before we get better. I am afraid I just don't have it...
  2. X

    Equilibrant/Oxymatrine use: what is seen as autoimmune?

    Is this seen as autoimmune and Equilibrant/Oxymatrine can't be used? Celltrend results: https://forums.phoenixrising.me/threads/severe-ill-case-from-germany.59101/page-2#post-1008617
  3. T

    Oxymatrine WORKS, But Horrendous Migraines

    I've been on and off Equilibrant and Oxymatrine (Alternative Medicine Solutions bottle) for about 4 years now. I am extremely lucky in the fact that it works well for me. I was taking the max dose for a couple of years and getting daily crippling migraines and could not figure out what was...