nk cells

  1. Pyrrhus

    Summary of NK and T cell discussions

    Since scientific studies on the lymphocytes called Natural Killer (NK) cells and CD8+ T cells in ME have provided conflicting results, I just wanted to start a thread to summarize in one place all discussions on this issue. Hopefully, by listing all discussions in one place, it will be easier...
  2. mitoMAN

    OM-85 - Broncho-Vaxom to raise Percentage Natural Killer T Cells

    OM-85 - Broncho-Vaxom. I am surprised I found zero hits on the forum. My immunologist wants to perscribe it for my extremly low percentage of NK cells. From what I understand, a huge amount of CFS Patients suffer from low NK Cell (not only low activitiy but also low cell number and % amount)...
  3. L

    Screening NK-, B- and T-cell phenotype and function in patients suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndr

    I concluded decades ago something was wrong with Tcell function. Levamisole improves Tcell function.